Build an inclusive society
- European Elections - 6-9 June 

We stand for an anti-discrimination society where everyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, or religion, can live a dignified and fulfilling life

What we achieved for you

EP declaring the EU an “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone

more gender balance in company boards and more gender equality in corporate decision-making

clearly defending Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the EU and taking measures to combat cyberviolence

the adoption of a EP Gender Action Plan

successfully bringing the feminist perspective to the forefront of foreign policy

strengthening inclusion measures in Erasmus+

the European disability card

The Equality Bodies Directives which sets for the first time legal binding common standards on the functioning and competences of Equality Bodies at EU level. This is an important step to better implement the EU’s equal treatment legislation and ensure that our societies become more equal

We keep fighting for

continuing to tirelessly fight all forms of discrimination and hatred

defending the right to protest and fight against the criminalisation of activists and civil society organisations

championing self-determination and bodily autonomy by guaranteeing access to legal gender recognition, trans-specific healthcare, and contraception

guaranteeing access to safe and legal abortion and recognise sexual and reproductive rights as fundamental rights

ending violence against women and girls everywhere and will increase support for victims

making sure that men and women are paid equally for the same work


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