Defend democracy
- European Elections - 6-9 June 

We put the rights and freedom of all human beings at the front and center of all policies for a more democratic European Union

What we achieved for you

The reduction of the voting age to 16

More gender balance in company boards and more gender equality in corporate decision-making

Defending Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the EU and taking measures to combat cyberviolence

A regulation to stop EU Member States not respecting EU values from receiving EU money

The corporate sustainability due diligence directive: companies will be held responsible for their or their business partners’ activities that harm people and the environment

We managed to introduce specific obligations for Members to publish meetings with representatives of third countries or interest groups and to declare their assets at the beginning and end of each mandate

We ensured the adoption by Parliament of tighter rules for conflicts of interest, side incomes, travels and gifts to offer additional safeguards against corruption

Protecting NGOs and civil society from government attacks with the initiative of a new EU cross-border statute

A European Media Freedom Act and an anti-SLAPPS directive to protect journalists and human rights and environmental defenders from abusive litigation

Curbing the power of internet gatekeepers with the DSA/DMA to tackle hate and disinformation, manipulative adverts and online surveillance

Curbing the potential social damage by increasingly widely-used AI decision tools with the AI act

We keep fighting for

Ensuring public funds benefit all citizens, not autocrats and their corrupt cronies

Continuing the fight for transparency and integrity and against corruption

An EU funded and EU led Search and Rescue Mission in the Mediterranean

Welcoming people that seek help with humanity and solidarity, not with fear

Full equality between men and women in all areas of employment and public life


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