Defend peace and human rights
- European Elections - 6-9 June 

We want a united Europe for peace and security, a world where unity prevails over national isolation

What we achieved for you

We have consistently supported Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s war of aggression. We fought for sanctions against Russia and supported Ukraine to become a candidate country

We got a majority in the European Parliament to call for a ceasefire in Gaza

We were key drivers behind the adoption of the regulation to ban products made from forced labour from the EU market

We have fought back against unsustainable and unfair trade and investment agreements

We restricted the trade of spyware with authoritarian regimes

We led efforts to expose and push back on undue foreign influence on EU institutions

We were the main advocates for a feminist and inclusive approach to EU foreign policy

We got the EU Parliament to adopt a progressive report calling for EU level monitoring and control of arms exports across the world

We succeeded in having the EU exit from the Energy Charter Treaty after many years of opposing this climate-killer agreement

We keep fighting for

making sure that the European Union remains a project for peace and security, building a European Security Union

ensuring that the EU stands up against authoritarianism and for human rights

continuing to support Ukraine, welcoming new members into the EU and helping candidate countries prepare for accession

pushing the EU to take responsibility as a peace-building actor, especially in the Middle East

insisting on sustainable EU trade and investment policies that “do no harm” and do not come at the cost of human rights

ending national vetoes so that the EU can work effectively and speak with one voice on foreign policy and other key areas

becoming energy-independent, and gaining greater control over vital technologies and supply chains, making the EU safer and independent from autocrats

promoting a gender-responsive external action for the EU

opposing the over-prioritisation of migration in foreign and development policy


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