Save our planet
- European Elections - 6-9 June 

We want a world which preserves our planet for the generations to come, and puts health and well-being at the heart of our society

What we achieved for you


    • Putting Europe on track for a climate-neutral and zero-pollution society, leaving no one behind
    • Boosting renewable energy, cutting energy bills for consumers and reducing our dependence on Putin & other foreign autocrats
    • A new Social Climate Fund to help people cut their energy bills, renovate their homes and support accessible public transport
    • A new EU law to accelerate the renovation of Europe’s buildings
    • Creating a new scientific advisory board to check how future EU laws would affect the climate


    • A Nature Restoration Law, to protect and restore nature
    • Criminal sanctions for perpetrators of environmental crimes
    • Fight against deforestation, by ensuring products we import on EU market did not cause deforestation anywhere in the world


    • A new EU law to fight against greenwashing for products put on the EU market
    • An EU carbon border tax, to decarbonise imports of steel, cement, aluminium or fertilisers
    • We stopped exporting EU plastic waste to third countries
    • Ensure all new vehicles put on the EU market after 2035 are zero-emission, and virtually all new trucks by 2040

We keep fighting for

A massive investment plan worth at least 200 billion euros per year to protect people and the planet

A zero-pollution European Union, with breathable air, clean water and toxic-free consumer goods

Bringing back nature and restore the precious ecosystems today under threat

Building a 100% renewable energy system by 2040 that will protect the climate and create two million new jobs

Taking the third of the EU budget today spent on industrial agriculture and investing in sustainable farming instead

Making healthy food more accessible at fair prices for both consumers and producers

Keeping dangerous pesticides such as glyphosate out of our fields

Creating millions of good jobs in sectors such as construction, energy and transport

Ending the speculation on food forcing people to go hungry while traders make record profits

Expanding public transport and reducing ticket prices

Phasing out all fossil fuel subsidies from 2025

Investing in home insulation

Animal welfare and demanding the end of exploitative practices


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